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Sanjeevini Trust 2018 Achievements

Sanjeevini Ambulance Service

The Sanjeevini Ambulance has taken about 415 patients to hospitals in Raichur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ballery and Karwara during 2018. This year the ambulance has taken about 160 delivery patients, 80 accident patients, 30 stroke patients 60 heart attack patients, 10 pesticide poisoning patients and 75 patients were non emergency but were ill enough to need transport to the hospital.

The ambulance also plays a vital role in the preventive health education and treatment camps (see below) by transporting the needed equipment for these programs and by announcing the the programs in villages using speakers and attaching sign boards to the vehicle.

Medical Help to the Poor:

In 2018 the Sanjeevini Trust helped 125 poor patients with serious illnesses by helping them to get treatment in hospitals in Raichur, Ballery, and Bangalore. We helped poor people with spinal cord operations, stent insertions for heart blocks, kidney stone operations, cancer operations and follow-up from past accidents, illnesses and surgery. For example,

Ratnamma, age 24, had a spinal cord injury and could not walk or sit for a year. We took her for surgery and now she is walking and working in her home and in the fields.

Eye Camp:

This year The Sanjeevini Trust arranged two free eye check up and operation camps. In November 2018 more than 200 people were screened in this free eye check up camp and 23 people were selected for cataract surgery. Surgeries were held in Government hospital Manvi and food was provided to the patients and doctors by the Sanjeevini Trust. In July 2018 the Sanjeevini trust arranged a free eye check up camp in Government School Sirwar for students. 363 students got their eyes checked and 19 students had serious eye problems and were referred for treatment.

Cancer Awareness Program:

The Sanjeevini Trust arranged Cancer Awareness programs in Sirwar and surrounding villages. In each camp 150 to 200 people learned about cancer and its effect. The Sanjeevini Trust showed videos on cancer awareness by projecting the video on a large screen and using speakers. The videos are about how tobacco and alcohol causes cancer, and they educate women about breast cancer prevention and detection.

Tailoring Class:

In the Sanjeevini Trust tailoring class women learn how to use sewing machines and to stitch clothes. These skilsl will help them in the way of income for their lives. In 2018, 18 women learned to use sewing machines and stitching.

Help for poor:

This year the Sanjeevini Trust helped 3 poor families pay for their children’s marriages, helped 2 poor students to attend nursing college, helped 3 orphan children with living expenses, and helped 4 very poor families with food aid.

Sanjeevini Trust helped this poor family with food aid

Sanjeevini Trust helped this family with marriage expenses.

The Sanjeevini Trust helped this person who lost his leg, he was the source of income in family and we help support the family.

This girl was suffering from hemophilia and the Sanjeevini Trust helped her to get treatment.

The Sanjeevini Trust helped this family, her son had a problem in his leg and was not able to walk or stand. The Trust gave medical help and also helps them with living support.

He is Saleem who was suffering from leprosy and with the help of the Trust he is now well recovered and became a volunteer of the Sanjeevini Trust

He is master Hemanth 1 year old and he is suffering from Hemophilia Sanjeevini trust helped them to get treatment.


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