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CoronaVirus - The Sanjeevini Trust Leads the Effort to Educate Villagers

The Sanjeevini Trust arranged a coordinated CoronaVirus education program in over 40 villages and towns that includes Sirwar, Lingsuru and Kavital in Raichur District. The Trust brought together doctors, police and Gnanmithra to speak to villagers by microphone and speakers and traveled through the backstreets repeating the information so all inhabitants could learn about CoronaVirus while keeping social distance.

CoronaVirus Awareness in Lingsugur

Sanjeevini Trust arranged a CoronaVirus awareness in Lingsugur where the Superintendent of Police of Raichur District came and spoke about CoronaVirus and told how we can prevent it.

People watched the program from their house terrace and from their windows.

CoronaVirus Awareness in Kavital

CoronaVirus awareness was done in Kavital where the Superintendent of Police gave CoronaVirus awareness and spoke about the importance of regular hand washing, social distancing and staying at home. He also said not to worry if they get the virus because most people recover. He told them to get a checkup if they are not feeling well.

CoronaVirus Awareness in Sirwar

Coronavirus awareness camp in Sirwar where people were given information about the CoronaVirus and how to prevent it.

Several Newspapers Wrote Articles on the the Efforts of the Sanjeevini Trust to Educate Villagers

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