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+91 9945448147


Sirwar, Karnataka 584129, India


What you give, you will get back

Please write your check directly to “Sanjeevini Trust” and send it to: 

The Sanjeevini Trust


Sirwar, District Raichur



Sanjeevini Ecological Service and Education Trust Sirwar

Bank Account Number:   10408021683

IFSC Code:                           SBIN0004622

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity   - Horace Mann

Memorial Contributions

Contributors of Rupees 10,000 or more may qualify to have one of the Eye Camps, Medical Camps or Health Education programs conducted in the name of a loved one. Your loved one will be honored and remembered during the opening and closing ceremonies. Large contributors also qualify for listing on our Donor Recognition Page. After making your contribution, please email us if you would like to have one of these programs held as a memorial for a loved one and if you would like to be listed on our donor recognition page.

100% of your contributions to the Sanjeevini Trust will be used to help poor villagers through medical, education, and support programs - and not for overhead.