The free Sanjeevini Trust Eye Camps are held three times a year in Sirwar and Manvi. In these camps, people are screened for eye problems, provided eye glasses and those with cataracts receive surgery to restore their vision.


In each camp approximately 165 people are screened and approximately 22 people receive cataract surgery. The Sanjeevini Trust organizes these camps, publicizes them, provides volunteer support staff and food for all patients and medical staff. Doctors from the Taluka hospital provide the screening and the surgery for free.


Each eye camp is held in the name of an honored person. If you would like to have an Eye Camp held in the name of a loved one, please learn more on our contribution page.

Eye camp program

This Eye Camp was in the memory of Shri. Chandrashekharappa and Smt. Parvatamma. This Eye Camp was inaugurated by their son Dr. Vijay Shankar, District Surgeon RIMS Hospital Raichur.

During this eye camp food was provided for the eye operation patients.