One of its major goals is to help poor villagers receive excellent medical care and to empower them to take control over their lives so they can lead healthy prosperous lives.  

The Sanveevini Trust

The Sanjeevini Ecological Service and Education Trust was formed in 1998 by Gnanmithra Jettappa in Sirwar, District Raichur, Karnataka, India.  The Trust is a not for profit charitable trust under Karnataka State law.  It was formed with the goals of helping poor villagers access quality medical care through its ambulance service and medical programs and helping poor villagers improve their life skills through health education, tailoring classes and vocational training.

Sanjeevini Trust Sirwar

Gnanmithra Jettappa

Gnanmithra is the son of a landless laborer born in Sirwar, District Raichur, Karnataka in 1966.  He ran away from home several times as a youth and has only a 4th grade education.


His struggles as a youth gave him great empathy and compassion for poor people who have little education. Even though he has had little education, he has become self-taught and is continually learning.  He is equally comfortable and effective talking with illiterate laborers as he is talking with wealthy people and government ministers.

Gnanmithra received an appreciation letter rom Governor of Karnatak

Gnanmithra received an appreciation letter from Governor of Karnataka

Sanjeevini Trust Volunteers


The Sanjeevini Trust could not operate without a network of dedicated volunteer support. Volunteers help with all aspects of operating the Eye Camps, the Medical Camps, the Education Programs, the Group Marriages and Polio Vaccination. The people helped by the Sanjeevini Trust owe a debt of gratitude to these dedicated volunteers.

Sanjeevini Trust volunteers
Gnanmithr Helping Poor

He is especially skilled as a systems linker - helping poor people access the services and programs that are available to them. His compassion for poor people is immense and is very visible when he spends days at a time supporting patients in various hospitals where they receive treatment. He helps link poor people to the best doctors for their condition and supports them as they get treatment in a system they often do not understand and may be afraid of.

Public Hero of Karnataka in 2016