Health Education

The Sanjeevini Trust conducts health education programs in Sirwar and surrounding villages to show villagers how to lead a healthy life and prevent the most common diseases.  The programs include a Cancer Prevention Program and a Heart, Stroke and Diabetes Prevention Program.  


Gnanmithra Jettappa, the director of the Sanjeevini Trust, organizes these programs, which include powerpoint presentations by medical specialists and videos. The programs emphasize how to live a healthy life through regular exercise, a  diet low in sugar and white flour and high in vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains, avoiding smoking and attaining a healthy weight. These programs are often attended by 100 to 200 people, depending on the size of the village where they are held.

Each Health Education Program is held in the name of an honored person. If you would like to have a Health Education program held  in the name of a loved one, please learn more on our contribution page.

Health Education

Dr. Suresh V Sagarad is explaining about heart disease, how to protect our hearts, and the reasons for heart attack. He is also guiding us what to do when we get heart attacks. 

More then a 100 people came to the heart protection program.

In the cancer awareness program people learn about cancer and how to prevent it. They also learn about the negative effects of tobacco and alcohol consumption.