Medical Camp

Once a year, the Sanjeevini Trust organizes free Medical Check-up Camps where people can get compete check ups for heart blockage, high blood pressure, stroke, high blood sugar, eye and dental problems, as well as receiving counseling for stopping smoking and drinking.   


During the last Medical Check-up Camp over 700 people came. Those with serious illnesses were referred for follow-up treatment.  Some of the poorest cases with serious illnesses have received medical help from the Trust.

Medical check ups

Medical Check Ups

In our free check up camp many people with health problem come to get checked for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, dental and eye problems.

Echocardiogram Scanning

Echocardiogram Scanning

People with heart problems can get their heart checked using Echocardiogram, which is sometimes called Echo, or diagnostic cardiac ultrasound.

Patients also gets screened for high blood pressure and diabetes. Patients with high blood sugar and high blood pressure receive consultation from doctor and some get followup treatment.

Blood Pressure and Diabetes 

Blood Pressure and Diabetes
Dental Check Up

Dental Check Up

In the same camp many patients come for dental check up. Patients with dental problems get consultation with the doctor  and most get dental treatment.

ECG Scanning

ECG Scanning 

Some patients required Electrocardiogram (ECG). ECG measures the electric activity of the heart. Patients with abnormal results got consultation with doctor. 

Eye Check Up

Many patients with eye problems come to the health check up camp to got their eyes checked. Some patients received  follow up treatment and some get eyeglasses.

Eye Check Up