Medical Help for the Poor

The Sanjeevini Trust helps poor patients with serious illness find the best doctor, hospital and treatment for their condition. Gnanmithra Jettappa, the director of the Trust, knows many doctors in Raichur, Bangalore, Bellary and throughout the state of Karnataka and can help poor patients and their family find the best medical care for their specific health problem.


He also helps poor patients qualify for government assistance for their treatments, which often involves visiting a variety of government offices. When poor patients with serious illness do not qualify for government assistance, Gnanmithra will appeal to the appropriate minister for special approval. The Trust expects patients and families to pay for as much of the remaining expenses as possible. In hardship cases, the Trust will help with some expenses, such as blood tests and MRIs.


She had a block in her heart and had a heart attack. This picture was taken at the time of discharging her from hospital after heart surgery. Now she is fine and living her healthy life.


Rangamma she had a heart problem. After her heart operation she  is fine and able to do work and living her healthy life.


Mudukappa had a spinal cord problem, he was not able to walk or move. After his surgery, now he is able to walk and able to do small works on his own.