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Brain Surgery Saves the Life of a 12 Year Old Boy

Mahesh, a thirteen year old boy with a brain tumor was going blind and having seizures because of his tumor. His parents are very poor with no education and could not engage with the hospital, so I took him to the Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center in Bangalore where the tumor was removed and biopsied. I stayed with him right up to the start of surgery, joking with him to keep his spirits up. After surgery he went to the ICU and recovered peacefully.

Now he no longer has seizures and his sight is stabilized. He will be getting corrective glasses to help with his vision, will need to continue on seizure medicine, and will need regular checkups and MRIs and possible follow up surgery and radiation. But now Mahesh is a happy boy with the chance of living a normal life.

The Sanjeevini Trust was able to help him to qualify for government help for his surgery from the School Children Government Health Scheme. His parents did not know about this scheme and did not know how to access it. The Sanjeevini Trust brought him to the cancer hospital and helped the family apply for the government medical help. Even though the government paid for the surgery, because the parents have no money, the Sanjeevini Trust will be paying for his glasses, medicines and MRIs. And will be sure he gets the necessary follow-up check-ups and treatments. The Trust helps so many patients by linking them to the doctors and government programs that are available, but which many poor families do no know about or understand.

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