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Cancer Awareness Program

The Sanjeevini Trust arranged a cancer awareness program on February 12, 2018 in wards 2 and 3 in Sirwar. More than 200 people gathered to learn about the causes of cancer. Krishna Nayak, member of Taluk Panchayat, was the chief guest for the cancer awareness program. During his speech he said the Sanjeevini Trust is like a hospital for Sirwar and its surrounding villages because it saves lives.

Dr. Linge Gowda, a cancer specialist from Kidwai Memorial Institute, Bangalore, provided a video on cancer awareness and prevention. This video described what breast cancer is, how to prevent it and how to recognize if you have cancer. It also discussed the best treatments for cancer.

Attendees got to know how to recognize the first signs and symptoms of cancer as well as precautions to take to prevent cancer. The women learned about female cancers and how to recognize and prevent them.People who attended also got information about the causes of cancer and saw a video on how smoking is a main cause of mouth and lung cancer.

Cancer is a serious disease and if it does not get treated in an early stage then it will take your life. That is why The Sanjeevini Trust sponsored this cancer awareness program. It is important to teach as many people as possible to know about the precautions to take to prevent cancer and to recognize the first signs and symptoms so they can get early treatment.


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